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*Ollie’s Haul* Best Nashville Store to Buy New Books

A store full of books is always a potentially dangerous place for a homeschool mama 😛

I have a hard time controlling myself in a used book store, especially since we are just at the beginning of homeschooling and I need to build up my home library.  As much as I love a good used bookstore, many situations also call for brand new book shopping.  In comes Ollie’s….

About a year ago, we got a new store in Nashville (technically Madison) called Ollie’s.  It’s kinda your run-of-the-mill discounty store like Big Lots. Most of their pricing is mediocre with the exception of their book section…it’s. totally. amazing!

{One of the many rows of books at Ollie’s}

You know, lots of new books can set you back $8, $15, even up to $25 for some nice big ones.  I was looking for a children’s Bible for my son a few months ago and most of them were $40 or more!  Not at Ollie’s….many of the books are priced well under $10.  The Bibles (pictured above) are $10-$12 each.

Ollie’s book section is unexpectedly large and right near the entrance.  They have several different sections- Educational, Coloring Books, Puzzle Books, Inspirational, Cooking, and so on.  Pretty much book heaven for my 3 and 5 year old (and me!).  And prices that this frugal mama can deal with 😉

Here are a few books and prices from our recent trip:

Just note that the “regular price” is from the tag on the book, the price may vary on Amazon/Target/Walmart etc.

$6.99 at Ollie’s |  $12.99 MSRP


$2.99 Ollie’s | $12.99 MSRP
$12.99 Olliies’s | $49.99 MSRP
$0.99 Ollie’s | MSRP $4.99 (on Amazon for $19.99..nuts!)


$5.99 Ollie’s | $19.95 MSRP


$2.99 Ollie’s | $21.95 MSRP


Check out this beautiful adult coloring book section:


Plenty of kid’s coloring and activity books:

So many activity books!


As you can see, Ollie’s is filled with incredible discounted new books.

The majority of the prices are very inexpensive, but always do a little google before buying (I’ve found a handful of things that are not great prices). We usually check out Ollie’s for books right before a road trip, to help piece together Unit Studies, or to get books for coloring during read aloud time.

Have you ever been to Ollie’s?  What are your favorite bookstores in Nashville?


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