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49 Spots in Nashville Every Homeschooler Should Visit

Needing some field trip ideas, a great book store, local craft supply store?  Have I got a list for you! 😛

I am always on the lookout for resources in Nashville to help me in any way with homeschooling.  We love hearing of new parks or ideas for educational outings and resources.  So I’ve gathered a huge list of all that I know.  I’m sure there are more out there….and maybe one day soon, I’ll have a part two to this one!

Some of these would be great field trips to schedule with friends and some are great for just popping in to on the days you need a little bit of extra pizzaz.  Maybe you already know about all these, but I’m hoping this list will jog your memory or give you some ideas for the future!

Here we go…49 Spots in Nashville Every Homeschooler Should Visit

  1. Nashville Zoo

  2. Adventure Science Center

  3. Murfreesboro Discovery Center

  4. Frist Art Museum

  5. Cheekwood

  6. Nashville Library

  7. Smyrna Outdoor Adventure Center

  8. Climb Nashville

  9. Centennial Park & Parthenon

  10. Ford Ice Center 

  11. Ollie’s

  12. Mckay’s

  13. Shelby Bottoms Nature Center

  14. Lane Motor Museum

  15. Bowie Nature Park

  16. Carnton Plantation

  17. Lotz House 

  18. Stones River

  19. Nashville Children’s Theater

  20. Warner Nature Center

  21. Mansker’s Station

  22. Global Education Center

  23. Nashville Farmer’s Market

  24. Green Door Gourmet

  25. Country Music Hall of Fame

  26. Ryman

  27. Opry 

  28. Smart Supplies

  29. Turnip Green Creative Reuse

  30. Monthaven Arts & Cultural Center

  31. Jae’s Gem Mine

  32. Traveler’s Rest Historic House & Museum

  33. TN Agricultural Museum

  34. TN State Museum

  35. Fort Nashborough

  36. Plaza Mariachi

  37. Capital Building

  38. Symphony

  39. Belle Meade Plantation

  40. Governor’s Residence

  41. Dyer Observatory

  42. Middle TN Museum of Natural History

  43. Ford Ice Center

  44. Hermitage

  45. TPAC

  46. Bicentennial Capital Park

  47. Nashville Ballet

  48. Lucky Ladd Farm

  49. Owl’s Hill Nature Sanctuary


Did you find something new?

Do you have a place that should be added to this list?

Please share below!



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