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Big Savings on Seasonal Craft Supplies at Joann

If you know me, you know I always love a good deal 😛

This mama has enough going on already to deal with a bunch of coupons.  I like to occasionally visit a few discount stores to stock up on school supplies, kid gifts, crafts, gifts etc.  A store that I try to visit near the end of every season or right after a holiday is Joannes Fabric and Crafts.

I always feel like between Hobby Lobby and Michael’s, maybe Joannes is a bit forgotten about.  Keep this store on your radar for sure if you look for seasonal craft supplies and home decor.  They do have an excellent fabric selection, but I go in for the seasonal deals!

Some stores wait for weeks to mark down seasonal items, then they’ll do this 30% or 40% thing that I just have no interest in.  Joann does not mess around.  They mark down items so fast and super low!  It is not unusual to go in and find items at 75-80% off!

I like to stock up at the end of this season for next year’s crafts and seasonal homeschool lessons. It’s twice the rush to get them on discount then open them all the next year  🙂




Joann does a 15% teachers discount on top of whatever discounts are already marked.  You can’t pair the teacher discount with another coupon, but if an item is marked down already, you can add the teachers discount on top of that mark down.  Go HERE to find out how to get the discount.




After you make a purchase, you can still get money back with the iBotta app.  Just take a picture of your receipt and iBotta will give you 15% back on your purchase.

If you have never downloaded the iBotta app, you can get $10 free using my referral link HERE  




An item is regular $60 and marked on a seasonal discount for 80% off.

$60 @ 80% off = $12

Your teacher rebate will get another 15% off

15% off of $12 = $10.2

Buy your item for $10.2 (+ tax) and upload a picture of your receipt in iBotta for 15% cash back

15% of $10.2 = $1.53 cash back


Making your item total  $8.67!  What a deal!



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