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Nashville’s Homeschool Tutorials

Some homeschool parents are looking for additional educational opportunities beyond the one on one time at home. Maybe the parents work, maybe they have a newborn, maybe they just don’t want to teach physics, or maybe they need a quiet day to clean the house! No matter the reasoning, a tutorial is a great option for many Nashville homeschooling families.

Typically, a tutorial will be an organized group hiring tutors to teach the students specific subjects. Some tutorials provide a very structured curriculum that you follow on the tutorial day and at home on a certain timeline. Some tutorials are more for enrichment classes and regular community. There are several tutorials that specialize in more specific types of classes like music & arts.

For this list, I have included tutorials in which parents have the ability to drop off students. Most of these tutorials will offer multiple classes, weekly meetings for one half up to a full school day, and require at least a semester commitment.

West Nashville

East Nashville

South Nashville

North Nashville


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