Family vacation to Kentucky Kingdom {A Review}

We have visited several places within a half drive of Nashville, but this was our first visit to  Kentucky Kingdom in Louisville KY!   During early summer, I spotted a great deal on Facebook for 2 day passes to KK for $29.95 each.  It also included free soft drinks.

  It’s pretty hard to get to any water park or theme park for that cheap, so I figured we had nothing to loose even if it ended up being mediocre.

Louisville is an easy 2.5 drive from Nashville.  Kentucky Kingdom is just south of the city’s center and there are plenty of places to stay.  We ended up in a cute little airbnb closer to downtown to have a bit more space than a hotel

If you’ve never stayed at at airbnb, def check out the Bed and Bike in Louisville.  They are excellent, very accommodating hosts and you can use my code to get a discount on your first trip!

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Things I loved

We chose a Monday and Tuesday in early June for our visit.  The park was virtually empty on Monday and many rides we we able to stay on for more than one go around.  Tuesday was a bit busier, but not by much.  .

The kid area was robust with many rides for the littles.  My kids were thrilled to be able to ride many of the rides over and over again.  We spent several hours in this section both days. 

The 5d movie was neat, something different than the kids had experienced before.  I liked that they had 2 movies that they rotate every other day. 

The roller skater kid roller coaster was a perfect thrill level for both of my kids.  Fun and appropriate for beginner thrill riders (and parents like me who are beginners also lol).  We also rode their new ride, the KY flyer and wowza!  That one was legit.  I was very surprised at how intense that one turned out to be.

We didn’t get a chance to see the bird show, but the sea lion show was cute for a small park.  Don’t expect Sea World, but it was definitely a nice break to sit down for during the day.

The landscaping and cleanliness at the park was top notch.  Lots of beautiful flowers, even some markings on trees about types and I never spotted trash on the ground anywhere. 

The water park had all your typical things- wave pool, lazy river, and several slides.  We spend a good bit of time at Buccaneer Beach and in the lazy river. 

Here, I’m going to get to the downsides….

The water park had multiple slides, lots of similar slides to other water parks we have visited.  My son, who is around 46 “ tall, was just under the height limit for pretty much all of them.  Even with an adult riding with him.  There were slides in the kid splash zone (think big bucket dropping tons of water over jungle gym) and he could ride none of them!  He’s an average sized 6 year old, so I was definitely surprised at how tall their height limit was. For a kid who has been able to do similar rides at other parks, it was incredibly disappointing to not be able to here. 

The height requirement was also frustrating at other places in the park.  The Tin Lizzie, an old fashioned car on a track, would not let him drive the car and he had to sit in the back.  We rode pretty much this same ride last year in Six Flags Atlanta and he was able to drive.  My youngest wasn’t even tall enough to ride this one at Kentucky Kingdom.  We encountered the same issue at the bumper cars.

I would also give the food at this park a thumbs down.  I know I know, you can’t expect gourmet at theme parks.  But lots of places are getting at least a few healthier options and I wish Kentucky Kingdom would have had some.  Especially considering the fact that you can’t bring in anything on your own.  It was mostly burgers, fries, and pizza.  I tried a salad from Swampwater Jack’s and it left much to be desired.  Barely any lettuce and chicken that tasted like it was in a freezer meal.   If you are trying to stick with a healthy lifestyle, I recommend heading back to your car for meals.

Other things to note

  •  Kentucky Kingdom is north of Nashville and it was slightly chilly for a waterpark visit (even in June).  Consider that the weather may be best for a trip in July or August
  • If you use the discount with a drink offer, you have to get wristbands at customer service.  The other employees knew nothing about it.
  • Parking is $10 per day

Would we visit again?  YES. Definitely for that price, once my kids are a bit taller, we will definitely go back!

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